Tuition may be paid in one annual payment in advance of the school year or each month by the 10th.


There will be no refunds for days missed. A space has been reserved for your child and the cost of running the school remains the same even if your child is absent.


We enroll children from 18 months to 5 years of age.

School Closings

The Fayette County Public Schools calendar is used as a guideline when planning our school year. We are also closed for significant Jewish holidays when they occur on weekdays.


Nutritious snacks are served daily. Parents will be asked to provide the weekly snack on a rotation. We do have a “no nut” policy due to severe allergies to nuts. Parents may bring a special store bought birthday snack for a birthday celebration after notifying the teacher in advance.


Clothing should not be restrictive. Children need freedom of movement. Please send your child to school wearing closed toe shoes and clothes that can get dirty.

Extra Clothing

Please send a complete change of clothing to be kept at school. Please label.


No toys are to be brought to school except for show and share items.

Adjustment Period

Some children have difficulty adjusting to school in the beginning of the year. If that should happen, the teacher and director will work closely with the child and his/her parents. If there is no improvement after eight weeks of school and it is felt that the child is not ready to continue, the parents will be notified by the director and the balance of the (pre-paid) tuition will be refunded.


There will be two parent/teacher conferences during the year. The first is in the fall around the eighth week of school, and the second is in the spring. However, if a child exhibits any circumstances which require special attention, a conference at four weeks will be scheduled with the parents, teacher, and director. Suggestions will be offered to help resolve the problem within the subsequent four week period, at which time another conference will be held, and the child’s adjustment to the classroom will be reassessed. Additional conferences are available any time upon request.


Parents are welcome to observe their child’s progress.


It is the responsibility of the parents to get their child to and from school and to any field trip destination.