Transitional Kindergarten

This class is not being offered in the 2019 school year. We plan to offer it again in 2020.

The Transitional Kindergarten class is designed to meet the needs of children who are not yet able to enter Kindergarten due to age requirements. Children work on their writing skills, learn math and science concepts and, of course, have time to explore their creative side with art and music. **This class is not offered in the 2018-19 school year**

Daily Class Schedule

8:30 Free play (variety of centers: imaginative play, library, free art, math, Play-doh, letters, variety of toys)

9:10 Clean up

9:20 Circle Time (Calendar, weather, story, discussion of weekly theme)

9:40 Group Art

10:00 Snack and bathroom break

10:25 Music/Movement

10:45 Math/Science (Group Math activity Monday and Wednesday; Group Science activity Tuesday and Thursday)

11:00 Outdoor/Gross Motor play

11:20 Dismissal