Three Year Old Class

The three year old class builds on the structure of the two year old class, with added emphasis on preschool concepts (letters, numbers) and pre-writing activities. This class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Fridays we celebrate Shabbat with stories, songs, games and blessings.

Daily Class Schedule

8:30 – free play, incorporating an age appropriate art opportunity each day

9:35 – clean up

9:40 – story time

9:45 – wash hands/snack time/potty break

10:20 – gross motor play (outdoor playground or indoor ballroom depending on the weather)

10:50 – fine motor/table top activities: playdo, stickering, sensory play, science activities, etc.

11:00 – circle time – calendar, weather, preschool concepts

11:10 – music/movement activity

11:20 – dismissal begins

*Friday – Shabbat at 9:40